Summer capsule closet – full season example #9

summer capsule closet

After two posts that can be helpful in creating a mini summer capsule closet (here and here), it’s time for the full season version. One that can be used not only for a month, but for the entire summer season, i.e. 62 days. Combining the elements of the clothing base with other universal clothes is a solution that gives you a lot of possibilities!

Smart-casual capsule closet

Today’s summer capsule wardrobe example is a feminine everyday clothes in smart-casual style. It can thus be used for everyday and for work. On the other hand, with a little creativity in matter of accessories, it can be used also for summer evenings out. Classic dresses give it more flexibility. You can create an elegant work attire with a blazer, but also put on sneakers and jumper and go to the beach… In case when weather was capricious I added a light trench, which will work for cooler evenings or days. For the same reason, the sneakers are both canvas and leather. In a rainy day it is better to wear shoes that will also be easy to clean if we step in a mud.

Summer capsule closet content

This time in a capsule closet for the summer I included the following elements: short sleeved tops (6 items), long-sleeved tops (4 items), bottoms (10), outerwear (4, including cardigan), dresses (5), shoes (8 pairs). You can successfully create many unique outfits with it because all mix and match. In total, it contains 37 items.

summer capsule closet
Summer capsule for the full season

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