Summer mini capsule wardrobe: 10 items – 10 outfits – example #8

If you are a fan of mini capsule wardrobe, this is another post for you. There you have it: 10 clothes to create 10 outfits for 10 days. If you decide to wear shorts more often, there may be even more of these sets.

This time the capsule is based on white – it is summer after all!

If this is the first entry you are reading about capsule wardrobe, then you can first read its general rules.

Mini capsule wardrobe # 2

This time we have:

– 4 tops
– 4 bottoms
– 2 outerwears

This time, the dress from the previous capsule was replaced with an additional jacket. It will be easier to compose outfits that can be worn, for example, in an office. However, also this time the number 10 does not include shoes or accessories that you can choose freely.

Our capsule wardrobe includes universal jeans and white, summer pants. It can also be white chinos or jeans, depending on what you can or like to wear to work. You will also find a versatile navy striped blouse that helps you create great mariniere outfits, especially with a navy blue jacket. A few days between sets based on white pants will give you the chance to do a little laundry in case the pants get dirty.

You can wear shorts to work, as long as you are not bound by the strict rules of the dress code. Those with a high waist will work better. Remember to choose one made of more elegant materials – wool, linen or a mixture of fibers.  Do not reach for items that contain more than 20% of artificial fibers – in summer, airtight clothing can be a problem. For the same reason, also pay attention to what the lining is made of.

Have fun!

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