Capsule wardrobe – the rules

capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe building step by step

When I started my research about minimalism, I came across the name capsule wardrobe. The various articles said that it was related to a minimalist approach. Intrigued, I started looking for further information  it turned out that what I initially thought to be a modernist piece of furniture 🙂 is simply a way of organizing clothes or rather reducing its amount.

What is capsule wardrobe?

The history of capsule wardrobe dates back to the 1970s and a certain London boutique, whose owner Susie Faux coined this term by promoting completing wardrobe from a small number of good quality basic elements that never go out of fashion. But if it weren’t for Donna Karan, who picked up this trend in the 1980s, it wouldn’t have become so popular. Originally, a capsule wardrobe consists of several timeless elements, complemented with seasonal accessories. It shows quality and simplicity in base colors (black, white, gray, navy and brown). The idea was born at a time when people were not as overwhelmed with buying as they are today and the full contents of their wardrobe could usually consist of only a dozen items. Today, according to top blogs, there are about 33 of them in a compact wardrobe: 33 (Be More With Less), 37 (Un-Fancy) i 40 (Into Mind) and this amount is enough for one season. So this is the capsule wardrobe – the rules will be shown in a moment.

From these selected clothes in the next three months you create outfits by combining them in various ways. There are heated discussions on the web whether in today’s world capsule wardrobe is supposed to limit shopping or cause you to buy more and more new things for the next season. Let’s assume, however, that if you are just starting to introduce the idea of ​​a minimalist wardrobe, and you have not created such a base before, you may simply miss many things and you successively buy the missing elements, getting rid of the inferior ones. As long as you bet on their good quality and timelessness – it’s OK. The capsule wardrobe can be created by both those who follow trends and people who are not interested in fashion at all.

In Poland and many similar European countries, due to the weather, I suggest dividing the three-month periods starting from December, so that you always have things that match the situation outside the window. Some people decide to make capsules for 1 month, choosing about 20 outfits respectively.

Capsule wardrobe — the building rules

  1. Determine how you spend most of your time – as a rule, you create a capsule “on a daily basis” for activities that consumes the largest part of your time. This post on lifestyle analysis includes a form that will allow you to do it easily and quickly.

  2. Specify the colors you want to use. First, select 3-4 colors as the main colors for the season. Then you choose 1-2 neutral colors to complement the previous ones. They go well with everything (the already mentioned black, white, gray, navy blue and brown). You choose handbags or coats in shades of neutral colors, for them to also match everything. Then you set the colors-accents and in these colors you can choose tops, dresses and accessories. Take into account not only your preferences, but also your type of beauty. As the main colors, you can also choose one of the neutral ones (inspirations HERE – today it’s magic to me, but good research works, so I will definitely write about the colors later).

  3. Choose up to 40 clothes that you want to wear during the season. It’s great if you can take them all out of the wardrobe, but if you haven’t bought consciously before, you may find that some items are missing and need to be bought. They should close that list. The sum of 40 items does NOT include: underwear, handbags, accessories, jewellery, sports clothes, pajamas and homewear. Unfortunately, the shoes are included :(.

    Choose basic colors and minimalistic cut. Remember that these items are used to create different sets, so they should go together well – most of them have to be universal, especially the outerwear.

  4. You wear that selected items for 3 months and, as a rule, you do not buy anything during this season! (except underwear, of course). The transfer window will not open until the next season 🙂

  5. When the end of the season is coming, you plan a capsule for the upcoming one, and then it’s time to go shopping. After 2.5 months of rehab, planning is very important :).

  6. You repeat the cycle every season. But if you choose minimalist approach you buy less and less.

That’s how you build your capsule wardrobe. The great benefit: you don’t need to think much about what to wear, because you know for sure what you have. Priceless!  


capsule wardrobe

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