Summer capsule closet. How to create a 10/14 capsule + example #6

Another capsule wardrobe just in time for June, which has started bringing mixed weather. This time it is also capsule closet in the mini version. Are you interested in capsule wardrobe for summer 2020? Here it is, but learn how to create it first.

Capsule wardrobe 10/14. How to build it?

This capsule was created according to the 10/10 rule, which was invented a few years ago by blogger Lee Vosburgh. In the original, it contains 10 clothes, using which you can make 10 outfits for each of 10 days. The set includes shoes. For me, however, this is too much of a limitation :). In my version, the mentioned 10 items are clothes only. Therefore, even 14 outfits could be created. It’s enough for half a month, from Monday to Sunday. This is possible thanks to the fact that in capsules everything mix and match, so each “bottom” can be pair with each “top”.

When planning the 10/14 capsule, we choose 10 pieces of clothing to build sets. For me, it works best according to the principle:

– 4 “tops”
– 3 “bottoms”
– 1 dress (interchangeable with 1 “top”)
– 2 outer garments.

I do not include shoes or accessories in this capsule, because, as I mentioned, it would be a bit too little for me then.

When selecting the elements of the mini-capsule, there are a few rules that should be followed:

1 | The 80/20 rule. Choose mainly neutral colors, let them be the majority of the palette. Leave 20% of the space for expressive elements: color accents, patterned clothes.

2 | Match the content to the season / weather, activities you take (this post may help)

3 | Choose items that are machine washable.

4 | Remember that the rest of the wardrobe is not padlocked. If it turns out you made the wrong choice, the weather broke, etc., just replace or add something.

The basic principles of creating a capsule wardrobe can be found in this post.

Capsule wardrobe 10 × 14 – the benefits

This method of building a capsule closet has its advantages. I had a hard time noticing them before, I preferred to build 30-40 piece capsules for a whole month or season. It gave me the illusory feeling of having more choice. However, it is not exactly like that. By planning for 2 weeks, I can use more of my wardrobe in the long run. I try to minimize the amount of clothes, but it is a process as they wear out slowly :), and I do not want to forcefully get rid of good, timeless things.

The advantage of the 10/14 wardrobe is also saving time through less choice. Additionally, if you have a few things left “to decide” after decluttering your wardrobe including them in a short-term capsule may end the dilemma.

Capsule wardrobe for summer 2020: 10/14. What’s inside?

My capsule for the first half of June includes:

– jeans: they could not be missing. It’s probably the most versatile piece of clothing ever created, right next to a white T-shirt. They will be perfect for work / university, not to mention 100% casual outfits

– navy blue pants: They will be the basis for the mariniere style sets. You can wear them both for work and for going out. They look good with ballerina flats and high heels

– navy blue skirt: just like navy blue pants, it is great for navy outfits, if you have it in a casual style, you can wear it with sneakers, sandals or ballerina flats

– white t-shirt and white blouse: basic elements that are perfect for both formal and casual sets

– breton striped blouse: for work and everyday use

– yellow long-sleeved thin blouse: brings the touch!

– shirt-style denim dress: can be worn alone or as a tunic

– a white jacket and a navy blue trench to complete the outfits on colder day.

szafa kapsułowa na lato 2020
szafa kapsułowa na lato 2020 dla minimalistki

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