Clothing base for a minimalist

Clothing base for a minimalist: the starting point

After taking the minimalism challenge and cleaning my wardrobe, I have decided to change my approach to clothes and shopping. The closet cleaning hadn’t solve the “I have nothing to wear” problem. I started to look for a solution. Clothing base for minimalist? It can’t be so boring simple! (but it is).

Minimalism in your closet should start with having solid clothing base.

The base? What is it exactly? What for? I’m not surprised that this idea hadn’t come to my mind before as I had been so concentrated on looking for fancy clothes instead. But it occurred that becoming minimalist and completing the clothing base I am actually solving my problem: Why even having closet full of clothes I have nothing to wear. The truth is that without the basics it was hard for me to not only to be a minimalist but also to dress up easily. Nothing went well with anything and I still have the need to buy something new. And usually this new item didn’t match the others, as I was buying what only came to my mind without any plan.

Let’s be honest guys, the basics hardly ever catch an eye, as they are simply too boring to be noticed easily. Stores do not attract advertising basics. Elementary clothes are those about which we think I need this, because…, not those we are shouting Gosh, I have to get it! (So you are more likely to say I need black trousers, because it is useful and I love to have that yellow dress Czyli raczej powiesz Potrzebuję czarnych spodni, bo przydadzą mi się do pracy i Bardzo chcę mieć tę żółtą sukienkę than the other way around. But life shows that without this boring stuff we cannot wear clothes that are made to catch the eye. 
So let’s have it again:

The wardrobe minimalism should start with owning solid clothing base, even if it means to go shopping.

Why? Because if we don’t have basic clothes we will be always lacking something and we will end up doing pointless shopping. 

Clothing base for minimalist

What is the base of wardrobe? What should I have or buy? I have gone through many websites and guides and it occurred that if I was to sum up all the things they name elementary, I definitely would need about 50 things. Sometimes I had a feeling that the authors of those articles confuse clothing base with seasonal must have. OK, such a mix can be great for many people but not for minimalists. Clothing base or minimalist consists of simple   clothes and neutral colors (we were talking about this when describing capsule wardrobe building): black, white, grey, blue and brown. Clothes in different colors minimalist can exclude in this case, which doesn’t mean that there are no present in the wardrobe at all. 

Making a list

After rejecting seasonal must haves and describing the color palette the list is still quite long. Now you can ask what is in my style? What do I feel comfortablle in? Ask yourselves these question going through my list below. I skipped things that are typical to a fall/winter season and accessories other than shoes and bag. 

  • white T-shirt (also l/s)
  • black T-shirt (also l/s)
  • white button shirt
  • breton T-shirt 
  • grey sweater
  • dark cardigan
  • blue jeans
  • white trousers
  • narrow black trousers
  • lbd
  • pencil skirt
  • A-line skirt
  • leather jacket
  • blazer
  • trenchcoat (navy or beige can go with everything else)
  • nude ballerina flats
  • nude heels
  • black ballerina flats or loafers
  • black heels
  • white sneakers (but not the sports version)
  • shopper everyday bag
  • lbb

And one more important question:

Why this list may be not for you?

Our criteria can be different. You need to take under account personal style and lifestyle you have, favourite colors, or body shape etc. That’s why you may not find there what suit you. That’s why you have links to 2 different brochures: classic minimalistic one and freestyle one. For now they are only in Polish.

On my classic list there are 21 items. I don’t have a few. Is your base complete? What does it lack? 

My first contact with clothing base was through this book.

Clothing base building tool –  Clothing base (16 downloads)

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