How many bags should the woman have?

How many bags should a woman have in her wardrobe according to fashion experts?

Apparently, every woman should have 5 bags. With an emphasis on at least 5 or 5 types of bags multiplied by X items. Actually, it’s 8, 10 or 12, if we don’t take into account the functional ones, but also the super-trendy models (times X pieces, of course). We definitely don’t go that way in this blog. So let us stay at the number of 5 as the starting point of our considerations. Compared to the Xth power of 12, it is already starting to look minimalist (ha ha), but let’s see what types of bags, according to experts on the subject, we should have and do we really need that amount?

Everyday bag

So simply a handbag for every occasion, from going out to the store, shopping, to a casual meeting with friends. Something that you just grab without thinking when you leave the house and you know that you have everything you think you need inside. The bag still fit almost everything. Every day bag can be small and take the form of the so-called crossbody bag or large, then most often it is the so-called shopper. Of course, the fashion world wants us to have both.

Work bag

A more elegant version of a large everyday bag. Preferably classic, it would fit well with the employee’s dresscode. Roomy, so that an A4 item (notebook, etc.) can easily fit into it.

Signature bag

That’s the one that best suits your signature style, but with an emphasis on being more trendy, so it can’t necessarily be the same bag that you use for everyday work or work // WTF? – if it is to complement the signature style, it should represent a look that characterizes you on a daily basis, but whatever, stylists know us better. (I wrote about the signature style here)

Statement bag, so called IT Bag

It’s a handbag that is very fancy, trendy, and preferably from a famous designer. Cool item that you buy and wear so that everyone notices you. Preferably colorful. As a side note, this handbag is the most likely to become unfashionable quickly, so you have to be careful when choosing. Vintage items work best here, and the perfect condition, despite the passage of time, gives them even more flavor. (Don’t know what a statement piece is? Read here.)

Evening bag

For bigger and smaller evening outings, to the theater, club, gala dinner, an evening date. Small, elegant, preferably classic, which will only fit a few things: keys, money, lipstick. To keep in hand or on a decorative chain.

Investment bag

A very expensive purse that you collect money for a while and then spend all your savings on it. This is the sixth unexpected item on the list. I did not include it in the initial amount, because I assumed that you define the function of this bag yourself, whether you prefer to invest in a bag for work, everyday use, big events, etc., so it can be any of the above-mentioned.

How many bags should a minimalist have and why not only one?

In my opinion, a practical minimalist will be satisfied with 3, and for a more radical one, even 2 bags. Why not one? First of all, the bag can be damaged during everyday use, secondly, we do not always need to carry a large bag, and we will not always fit everything we need into a small one. Therefore:

What bags it is worth to have when you are a minimalist?

Big and medium bag for everyday use and for work

One that can fit A4, perhaps even a laptop. In my opinion, it is best if it is a classic shopper, which will serve us every day when we need to take more things with us and at the same time will fit into the office dresscode.

Small crossbody bag

A small, classic, simple crossbody bag for everyday use, preferably on a leather strap, not a chain one, because then it will be more versatile. It gives you freedom of free hands, you can keep what you need in it.

Evening bag

Preferably a clutch or a small purse on a chain strap. It is supposed to complement elegant outfits, so it should defend itself even at very formal events.

Bags for a minimalist: 2 items version

For those who prefer having only two bags, a shopper bag and a more elegant version of a crossbody bag, e.g. for evenings out, will be the best choice. Such a set should be sufficient and practical on a daily basis.

Bags for a minimalist: 1 item version

If your goal is to have only one purse I think it is doable. It should be a handbag that is multifunctional and looks very good both on a daily basis and at work, and with a bit of luck, it may be an evening look.

What criteria should a minimalist purse meet and why?

Minimalism, which is my motto, is not only a small amount, but also high quality, which means less purchases, because well-made things last longer. The minimalist design of things is my top priority, but this is a matter of taste and let it stay in this area.

A purse for a minimalist must be able to adapt to several occasions and many outfits. So it’s best when it’s classic, with a simple pattern, texture and shape. Neutral colors are recommended (black, brown, gray, navy blue), because then it will fit well with everything. You may get bored of such a handbag, but it will definitely not go out of fashion. It must be made of decent material, so it is worth investing in a leather bag. Plastic bags, i.e. those made of eco leather, unfortunately age very badly: for example, the outer layer of them peels off, rubs on the sides and bottom, bends, breaks and so on. This means that they have to be replaced with new ones after a relatively short time. Renovation of such a bag is not possible. Leather handbags age nobly, often acquiring an elegant patina. They are easy to renovate, and with a little care, they can be used for several years or longer.

How many bags do I have/

It used to be quite a lot. At that time, I focused on quantity and I liked minimalism only in design, so I chose faux leather handbags. So you could say that they eliminated themselves from the wardrobe, just wearing out quickly. Currently I have 2 handbags, I am looking for a third one. My bags: medium-sized suede for everyday use (suede is not a good solution for a heavily used bag, as it turns out that the best home way to clean a suede bag is to take it to the laundry), a small suede and leather bag on the changeable strap (there are two straps for it, a leather one and a chain strap, which multiplies the options), and now I’m looking for a small crossbody bag, because my previous one has ended (no, it wasn’t leather).

And what’s your opinion? How many bags should a woman have? How many bags do you have? Do you have one for every day or one for each day of the week? Do you think that it will be easy for you to reduce their amount, or are you not going to do it at all?

A bag for minimalist – Polish brand offering decent leather items: Balagan Studio, Molehill Goods, Mandel, Slava Varsovia.

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