What is a signature style?

What is a signature style (signature look, uniform)?

A signature style is an element of clothing or appearance that is permanent or repetitive in your outfits and may represent a style that reflects your personality. It doesn’t have to be very expressive (we have a statement piece for that). On the contrary – it can be modest and minimalist. To assess whether it can be called a signature one, you must take its repeatability in your everyday outfits under account. These will be the things you feel comfortable in  and most willingly worn.

Why the uniform?

You may come across one more term. The signature style used to be called uniform as well, because it’s something you just take out of the closet and put on without thinking, while knowing that you feel good in it, look good, and it suits you.

What can you use to create the signature style?

This style can be built on various things related to your appearance. These are for example:

  1. garments (clothes and accessories)
  2. haircut
  3. makeup style
  4. colors you wear

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The signature look – the essence of style

It will be something different for everyone. Certainly, those elements match your lifestyle. As a result, it can be a mean of expressing your personality.

For example:

  • you always or very often wear a specific item of clothing: e.g. a white shirt or jeans, a leather jacket, etc.
  • you choose a specific type of footwear on a daily basis, e.g. you wear high heels / ballerinas / sneakers
  • you have a favorite color / colors that you like to wear – you wear black or choose strong, saturated colors
  • you wear things of the same cut, have your favorite fabrics, etc. skirt is always a pencil one, jeans are skinny, coat is a trench
  • you are faithful to a particular type of makeup
  • and so on…

It doesn’t mean that you wear the same clothes all the time, although of course it can happen like with Jobs or Zuckerberg…

Signature style – the benefits

What is the importance of the signature style for a minimalist? Why is it worth to focus on finding your signature style? Well, there are quite a few good reasons:

  1. It frees you from being a slave to fashion – you don’t need to follow trends and chase new products. It will certainly have a positive effect on your wardrobe and wallet. You know that clothes you have easily mix and match.
  2. It saves you from ill-considered purchases, and most importantly: you avoid unsuccessful experiments with fashion and trends – you do fall for fashion temptations, you do not buy things with the thought “maybe I would wear it?“, “Maybe it’s worth to change something?“. You know what works, and if it works well – you stick to it.
  3. You are being yourself – you do not mindlessly imitate someone’s style just because a given person is “hot” and everyone wants to look the same. You look for inspiration thoughtfully and choose only those that match or evaluate your real preferences.
  4. It frees you from shopping dilemmas – it minimizes the number of decisions to make. You always know what to look for in the store first.
  5. It makes it easier to define purchasing needs within both the signature style elements and the accessories.
  6. It saves time and makes it easy to get dressed quickly – on the one hand, things fit together, on the other you know that you can quickly choose the right set.
  7. It means that you do not have to wonder what you look good in, because in the wardrobe you find things that you are sure of.
  8. It makes you always feel confident, which is the result of many of the previous points and increases comfort in many life situations.

In conclusion: it is worth exploring the topic. And we will do it soon …

And you? Do you have your signature style?


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