Statement piece

While browsing the blogs that I recently recommended to you, I often came across the term “statement piece”. What is this? And why you can wear one thing for several days in a row and hardly anyone will notice, and with some other items it is completely opposite?

Statement piece

Statement here means literally to make a statement with a cloth. And this reflects the character of the garment: it is an item you wear to attract the attention of others and show your personality – it is who you are. It is an attractive strong accent. Because it is really bold and memorable, in theory you shouldn’t wear it two days in a row – it’s something others will notice immediately. Maybe you know scenes from crime movies where witnesses were unable to describe someone’s face because their attention was only absorbed by something she was wearing?

So how do you deal with statement piece in the case of a capsule wardrobe, which is, after all, a very limited collection of clothes? Does this mean that all potential “statements” should be dropped? On the contrary.

Statement piece in a capsule wardrobe

There is no reason why capsule wardrobe should go without statement pieces You only need to take care of it in a more thoughtful way. The most practical solution is that a statement piece in capsule closet is a handbag, shoes, outerwear, scarves or glasses because they can be worn to anything else.
If the statement piece is a dress, skirt, pants or some “top” it is better not to have a lot of it in capsule wardrobe leaving space for ordinary clothes.

In a season, 1-2 such things are enough. Such an item of clothing should rather not be worn for several days in a row, for the reasons already mentioned.
Statement piece can be also jewelry or a watch that complement our look. When choosing jewelry, do not overdo it with its quantity.

Statement piece – color frenzy?

Although it may look different, the statement piece does not have to be colorful, shiny, bright or large. It doesn’t have to be trendy either. It may stand out strongly and be unique because of its shape, texture, material, form, look, but also, of course, color or pattern. It is a catchy “thing with character” and, above all, it looks interesting.

How to wear

Rule of thumb: wear one at a time. Plus, a statement piece looks good when the rest of your outfit is moderate.
You can also learn how to mix the basic stuff and statement pieces from here: Into mind blog article.

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