The free capsule closet brochure to download

The capsule closet from the scratch

Today I am continuing the topic of creating a capsule wardrobe from scratch, so I’ll be brief:


As promised, I prepared a tool – the capsule wardrobe brochure from scratch to download and print – you can use it to plan your own capsule and create the first outfits. Ultimately, the number of items selected for the season should oscillate around 40, but this is only an approximate value. For some it may be less, while others would need more clothes. Regardless, the tool guides you through all the necessary stages of creating a wardrobe. If you’ve already done a lifestyle analysis, then some of the work is behind you, because that’s how the task begins.


As a reminder: a capsule wardrobe building is based on some rules that are discussed step by step here.
One of the steps to go through is to define your own color base. For me, this palette consists of five primary neutral colors. If you find them boring and you want to experiment with colors a bit, I recommend the website, where you can create your own color palettes, combine colors and check how they match visually. It is also useful when arranging an apartment and planning decorations 🙂

What for?

  • In order not to have a problem with quick decision what to wear
  • To check what is really missing and plan purchases.
  • For not to spend money unwisely on upcoming sales.
  • To see that you don’t need a wardrobe full of clothes to dress well in the season.
  • So that you could finally dress in your favorite clothes.


A capsule wardrobe is a set of clothes for one to three months period. It os best to plan beforehand. 

For whom?

Not only for you. I also face the challenge of creating a capsule wardrobe. I am starting a three-month experiment and I will share my impressions and conclusions from the preparation stage this weekend.

A capsule wardrobe from scratch can be created with a little help. You can download the brochure from here Capsule closet brochure (55 downloads) (the file does not open, only downloads to the disk)

Good luck to you and I look forward to hearing how you did! 


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