Summer capsule wardrobe – the summary of my challenge

Those who follow my Instagram know that summer capsule for the entire season presented in this post was implemented and used the last two months. I will say honestly that this is my longest period with one such a small capsule. Previously, I chose weekly versions, or with more items (and for example, I did not count footwear). Here’s the summary of this challenge.

My capsule wardrobe:

letnia szafa kapsułowa

More than 45 outfits were created from the above items. Among other things, these below. Of course there could be even more.

What conclusions do I have from the “longest capsule period”?

1/ I can see what I really love to wear

I mean the clothes that I wore most often. And I came to the dilemma if it is not worth to duplicate those items. In summer, white t-shirts or pants are certainly the beloved ones.

2/ You may need to have bought more items

At the same time, this is a need coming from a real experience. It would definitely be easier for me if I had more T-shirts and I decided that I needed additional two white t-shirts.

3/ Some clothes may not be used at all

Mostly due to point 1. You may simply notice that be that there was no opportunity to wear something, because you we walked in your favorite clothes all the time. In my case, I did not use a black dress nor leather sneakers, I did not buy a navy blue T-Shirt, which I planned and included in my capsule illustration. (I did not find an ideal one though)

4/ An outfit that looks good on paper does not necessarily work in practice

This happen with outfits including blazer and navy shorts. They looked nice, but I didn’t feel comfortable and decided not to wear them. At the same time it’s an outfit that can be created from my capsule list.

5/ The weather may force you to wear clothes you didn’t prepared

I didn’t happen to me, because with I could stay at home ona day with bad weather, but still it is very likely to happen anyway. Then you just should simply take out of your closet clothes that you need. Similarly, when you really want wear something that you did not put in the capsule – there is nothing to worry just take what you need without remorse.

6/ Cloth may get damaged/wear out

This season my dog didn’t eat any shoes, so nothing like that happened to me, but indeed, there could be a situation when we must say goodbye to some items. Decision whether to make a replacement or not is yours…

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