Autumn clothing base

This post is a continuation of the Clothing base for a minimalist, available here (click). In the previous one, we built a general base. Here I present a clothing base for fall – for those who are just now interested in the topic or those who are at the stage of organizing their wardrobe – e.g. according to this key and brochure (click).

What is a clothing base?

The clothing base, minimalist or not, is made of simple, basic clothes in neutral colors. These colors include black, white, gray, navy blue and brown and their shades. In fact, although these are not expressive colors, in each season at least one of them is particularly trendy and additionally they don’t ever go out of fashion. They are a great background for more expressive garment.

Why do I need a clothing base at all?

If you haven’t looked at the featured article page, here’s a short cut.

The clothing base for fall, just like for any other season, is useful to:

– end the problem of: why having wardrobe full of clothes still I have nothing to wear? Thanks to the base, more elements fit together so it’s easy to mix and match

– save time. If it mix and match, you choose faster.

– save money. The base is never out of style.

– finally to wear expressive clothes that are harder to match without this basics

The base clothes are usually of simple cuts, but it is best to choose what fits your body shape well and what you feel good in.

Creating a list

white T-shirt (also with long sleeves)

black T-shirt and / or top (also with long sleeves)

a white shirt

gray, black or beige sweater

cardigan in a dark color

blue jeans

narrow black or navy blue pants

little black dress

pencil skirt or flared skirt, depending on your preferences or body shape

leather jacket


a trench coat or a transitional coat (necessarily navy blue or beige, then we can wear it with everything)

nude/ beige ballerinas

nude / beige high heels

black ballerinas

black high-heels


white leather sneakers or other casual footwear that will not get wet in the rain (but not sports shoes)

big bag for everyday use

little black purse

So there you have it. I am sure a lot of it you already have in your closet!

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