Accessories in capsule closet

Accessories in a capsule wardrobe play a significant role. Thanks to them, we can easily change the character of an outfit created of the same clothes. For example, when you are wearing a white shirt and navy blue elegant pants, you can:
– put on high heels and add an elegant bag and belt – the outfit for work is ready
– put on classic white sneakers, roll up your shirt sleeves, choose a sports belt and a more casual bag – the perfect outfit for your day off!

Or like in the example below you could use one dress for work and for going to the beach, changing the style with accessories:

dodatki w garderobie kapsułowej blog o minimalizmie

Therefore, the accessories in the capsule wardrobe are of a strategic nature and it is worth considering them carefully.

Accessories in the capsule closet – what exactly?

In a minimalist capsule wardrobe, we focus primarily on the functionality of accessories to limit their number. However, I know that many blog readers are not minimalist – they just look here searching fot content about a capsule wardrobe. Therefore, I would like to mention that in the capsule wardrobe there is also room for other types of accessories – mainly for decoration. Of course, functional accessories can also decorate their owner, their practicality just comes to the first place.

Accessories in the capsule wardrobe include footwear, handbags, belts, hats, gloves and scarves, as well as sunglasses.

The shoes

In the minimalist capsule wardrobe, we focus on comfort and practical use, but it is worth taking care of the appearance of the footwear as well. It is great to bet on timeless styles: ballerina flats, loafers, classic high heels, boots, and in summer, sneakers and sandals / espadrilles. To ensure the versatility of the footwear, items in neutral colors will be useful: black, brown / ginger, nude, gray or navy blue. Personally, I’d choose leather shoes (with the exception of canvas sneakers or espadrilles) to ensure their longevity and the possibility of renovation.

The bags

I have already written about handbags in this post. A work handbag, an evening clutch, a small everyday handbag are, in my opinion, the optimal amount. Recently, you can see more and more Polish brands offering great handbags, so it’s really easy to find something of good quality outside of chain stores. As you can see in the photo above, the right handbag can emphasize your business look and add nonchalance to your “after hours” outfit. Leather handbags will last longer and, like shoes, can be renewed when they wear out a bit.

The belts

In my wardrobe, belts are not an organized category yet. Perhaps because I wear them relatively rarely. However, I would like to change it, because I am aware that a well-chosen belt can add a nice touch to an outfit, and at the same time change its character (e.g. change the line of a dress with a looser shape). Classic, leather belts are great for jeans, thin ones for more delicate dresses or tunics. Introducing a wider range of colors to this category will definitely enliven and refresh your outfit, especially if your wardrobe is based on neutral colors.

The caps

We think about them mainly in winter, but in other seasons we can choose eg. hats, and sports style enthusiasts – baseball caps. In summer, straw hats will protect the skin from harmful solar radiation, and will make the outfit more expressive. I don’t have summer hats, but in addition to the traditional hat, in my winter wardrobe you will also find a classic black French style beret.

The scarves and gloves

Accessories of this type are not only winter warm woolen elements that are supposed to provide protection against the cold. They are also neckerchiefs and silk scarves that are an elegant decoration. A thin scarf can wrap your neck on a cooler day or serve as a back piece on a summer evening. Fans of scarves appreciate them as colorful elements enlivening their outfits and willingly tie them under the neck with an elegant knot. However, this is not the only option! A silk scarf can be used as an original decoration – tied at the belt loop of the trousers / skirt or even at the belt of the purse (like Hermes :)).

The sunglasses

This could be your real statement piece! Black, brown or tortoiseshell frames are a classic to stick to, but you can go crazy with the size and shape of the frames. I wear sunglasses all year round, even in winter, when my eyes are bothered by bright sunlight. However, this is not a thing on which I am able to spend more money due to the fact that mine are often mechanically damaged (oops …) and it would simply be a waste of money. However, I always choose glasses with the maximum amount of filters.

I must admit, however, that I treat the accessories in the capsule wardrobe very neglectfully. In fact, I prepared this post in order to finally embrace it. I also have some shortcomings here. My sunglasses need to be replaced after 6 years, and I also have to look more closely at the container with my belts.

And what about accessories in your closet? I’m curious, leave a comment 🙂

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