Types of minimalism. Which is yours?

types of minimalism

Types of minimalism

Do you know that there are different types of minimalism? Each represents slightly different values and lifestyle. So… maybe you are a minimalist and you don’t know about it? What does that mean? Which type of minimalism is the best?

Aesthetic minimalism

This type of minimalism doesn’t have to mean owning less. You just surround yourself with things that look ascetic (shape and color). In this case minimalistic style means unified colors, simple shapes, pure forms, spacious interiors with only few perfectly arranged things. You must have seen it: raw walls/floors, a lot of white and grey, geometric forms, no ornaments. Aesthetic minimalist tends to declutter, especially in the area of style. They own only clothes that have very simple lines and only in neutral palette.

Minimalism as a sustainable consumption

That means you own what you need not what you could have. Quality over quantity and a lot of decluttering. Such a minimalist escapes from consumerism, rejects fast fashion and chooses niche or craft brands instead, consciously planning what he or she owns.

Essential minimalism

Essential minimalist also owns only what he needs but at the same time he reduces not only the amount of things but also his needs. What counts is owning less. Constant reduction is a goal and essential minimalists are always looking for things to get rid of.

Experiential Minimalism

It’s like been able to pack all your life in one suitcase and be ready to start a journey. They collect experience and memories instead of collecting things. What you experience is more important than what you own. At the same time if their lifestyle means buying something that’s OK.

Minimalism for Earth’s sake

You live ecologically and take care of the environment (no-waste, go-green, eco-friendly style). The focus is on  reducing your impact on the earth. It often means to be self-sufficient producing home made cosmetics, food, furniture etc. Recycling, reducing waste and reusing is the core of this type of minimalism.

Economic minimalism

The most important rule: spend less. And owning less if that means having more money on your account. This type of minimalism is focused on money. That means that you choose bike over a car, shopping only on sale or second-hand, sharing flat. The quality has no meaning at all, because what counts is to spend less, even if you are well-off.

Mindful minimalism

For mindful minimalist everything needs to have a purpose and intention. The spiritual life means more than focusing on material things that are often seen as pointless, stressing or frustrating. Such a minimalist owns only basic things that makes them happy. Every item has its purpose and story.

Minimalism – the commonalities between 

It’s for sure the less is more rule. Less items, less clutter, less stress, less waste, less shopping. At the same time some types of minimalist approaches differentiate a lot. Maybe the economic minimalist, that only cares about saving money would never understand aesthetic minimalist that can spend fortune on some simple piece of furniture. But every one of them can call himself a minimalist and he will be right about it.

And which type of minimalism is the one you believe in ?

I have chosen the minimalism as a sustainable consumption, although when decluttering I sometimes tend to be essential. And which team are you? Or maybe there is even more types of minimalism for you?


Pamiętaj, by zacząć przygodę z minimalizmem, nie musisz być perfekcjonistą!

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