Transitional season clothes – the timeless set for your capsule closet

I have prepared a list of universal clothes for the transitional season that will allow you to enter the fall season without difficulty and smoothly. On this list, as always, you will find universal, timeless items that can be worn for years and be a perfect element of a capsule wardrobe.

1| Classic trench coat

Supposedly, since Breakfast at Tiffany’s, an essential element in every girl’s wardrobe. It is indeed very versatile. You will make it stylish by wearing it with an elegant outfit, but it will also work great in combination with jeans and sneakers. The most popular in beige, it also looks great in black and navy blue. You will also find versions in all colors of the rainbow, but there is no point in counting on their universality, so in my opinion, the choice should be between neutral beige, black or navy blue. The autumn clothing base would not be complete without it.

In my capsule closet: beige trench coat

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Massimo Dutti

2| Leather jacket

Preferably black, although the camel ones also look great. Depending on your needs, you can wear it with virtually anything. Perfect for fall and spring. The best made of leather. If you need to save, you can look for something in the vegan version – but this solution has a huge disadvantage: lower resistance to damage and wear and the lack of possible renovation.

In my capsule wardrobe: personally a few years ago I decided on an vegan model, but I came across a sensational quality one that still has a long life ahead of it.

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Oakwood na Zalando

3| Leather sneakers

Very fashionable for many seasons, they appear more and more often in casual urban outfit combined with midi skirts or cigarillos. Extremely versatile. Made of leather, they will be perfect for rainy weather, it is also easier to clean them from dirt or renew. The most versatile ones are white, without inscriptions or decorations, they will be a great for the transition period.

In my capsule wardrobe: white leather sneakers

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Massimo Dutti

4| Grey sweatshirt

A base for sports and casual weekend outfits. Preferably without inscriptions and in neutral colors. A good choice when you are wondering how to dress during a transition period at home, for a trip, a walk or shopping. It looks great with jeans, but on the streets we see more and more sweatshirts worn with knitted midi skirts.

In my capsule wardrobe: grey cotton sweatshirt

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5| Chelsea boots

Leather Chelsea boots are a classic, even if you are not a fan of horse riding. For the transitional period, the lighter ones will work, but also in winter boots you can walk at this time of the year. Perfect for trousers with a trench coat or a leather jacket.

In my capsule wardrobe: black light Chelsea boots

Gino Rossi

6| Jeans

This is a key wardrobe item, probably present in every capsule wardrobe, which does not need to be introduced to anyone. For every season of the year. The ankle-length jeans have been a sensation recently, and in transitional weather, you can safely stay at this length.

In my capsule wardrobe: few pairs of blue jeans

7 for all mankind

7| Woolen blazer

On warmer early autumn days, it can successfully replace a jacket. It complements casual, sports and office outfits. Oversized ones can be worn even on jumpers, the more fitted ones look better with a shirt, T-shirt or a thinner blouse. For skirts and trousers.

In my capsule wardrobe: 2 blazers in shades of dark blue.

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Massimo Dutti
J Crew

8| Light turtleneck

A light turtleneck made of natural yarn is a must have for transitional weather and early autumn, when the weather is not good. For colder days, a turtleneck made of wool or cashmere will be better, but for a sunny early autumn, cotton knitwear is enough. Neutral colors will go well with colored or patterned bottoms.

In my capsule wardrobe: a navy turtleneck and looking for a black one

Massimo Dutti

9| Linen long sleeved shirt

Linen clothes are very fashionable in summer, and at the same time, they are timeless and classic. The end of the holiday does not mean that we put them in the wardrobe. Long-sleeved shirts are perfect for casual or formal sets worn in the transitional seasons of the year. For trousers and skirts.

In my capsule wardrobe: I lack this kind of shirt as I haven’t found the nice one yet

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Marc O’Polo

What are your favorite clothes for the transition period? Write in the comment!

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