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Total look Total look is an interesting and elegant way to create an outfit. Dressing from head to toe in one color is an increasingly common way of styling. It will also work well in a minimalist’s wardrobe, because it definitely extends the number of outfits that you can create with your capsule. If you’ve avoided this before, it’s time for total look to enter your wardrobe for good.

Total look – what is it?

It is a way of composing an outfit using elements of the same type, most often of the same color. You can choose between a total monochrome look, a total denim look, and a total look with a pattern. The latter requires a lot of fashion sense and even courage, as it’s difficult and it is easy to overdo it – imagine someone dressed head to toe in leopard print. It’s an art not to become a quintessence of kitsch! On the other hand, in the denim type (total denim look) you need to have something more than just jeans – a dress, shirt or jacket. Not everyone has it. Therefore, for a minimalist wardrobe, I especially recommend the total monochrome look. In most of minimalist wardrobes you can find several elements in one color. As the capsule wardrobe is most often based on neutral shades, the most popular monochrome sets are made in 5 colors: white, black, gray, blue and brown. Of course, you can style any color, if you like it!

beige total look

Achromatic look – for a big event and for every day activities

You can also come across the term achromatic look. This applies to white, black and gray garments, which are not really colors. A total look of this type is characterized by simplicity, often subtlety and effortless elegance. Gray is a good solution in business outfits. Black is incredibly popular and we choose it for all occasions. However, white is exceptionally esteemed, and in addition, it is perfect not only for big events, but also for everyday use. You can find suggestions for everyday styling in white on e.g. here.

white total look broken with beige and brown
here’s a black total look with a little of brown, too 🙂 and you can’t see my black shoes
total look
source: Pinterest
and black look with beige

How to deal with monochromatic look

You have all the shades of a given color at your disposal. For example, for brown it will be beige, deep brown, copper or red, for blue – light blue, indigo, navy blue, and so on. These shades have to be skillfully combined – so choose no more than 3. Out of these two or three, one should be the dominant one – the core of the set. Leave the other two, for example for accessories and shoes.

total look
beige total look. source: Pinterest

Is total look safe for outfits?

Unfortunately, not always. Not every color is suitable for all occasions. It is worth referring to the color theory and think about the meaning of colors and the emotions they bring. For example, an outfit based on reds will probably be associated with aggression and domination and therefore will not be the best choice eg for work. So book red for a great night out, because you will surely be noticed!

If you feel not much confident wearing only one color, you can break it by introducing a different one, e.g. in accessories, footwear or outerwear.

source: Pinterest

white total look with beige source: Pinterest

How to twist the total look?

Such an outfit can be perfectly enlivened by various textures of materials. Compose shiny with matte, thin with thick, smooth with rough, and you will get the desired effect. The rocket science is to introduce patterns to such an outfit, but for example a patterned/printed scarf or a neckerchief is a great idea here and easy to do.

source: Pinterest
total look
Total looks with different fibres and textures
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