The summer clothing base

The summer clothing base is another post from the Minimalist clothing base series, available here (click). If you want to know the theory behind creating a clothing base, check out those posts. This one presents the base for summer. Summer has just started, so it’s worth reviewing your wardrobe and prepare a decent base for the season.

A clothing base for summer: a little spring, a little autumn

As you can guess, a lot from the clothing base for summer will also be present in other seasons. All minimalists will surely enjoy it!

Clothing base – the basis of all outfits

It is worth having the following basic items in summer:

1 | tops

white T-shirt or top – preferably more than one as we wash things more often in summer. 

black and gray T-shirt and/or top, if you like beige, this option is also great – just like white, they will match many “crazy” shorts or skirts. In case of T-shirts, it’s good to choose breathable materials. (read more: The perfect T-shirt for summer)

white shirt – preferably slightly loose, made of cotton, linen or modal or tencel

gray sweatshirt for cooler evenings outside the city

breton blouse, preferably in the smart casual style – suitable for everyday use and for work

2 | Bottoms

blue jeans – they will be used throughout all year, it’s also the summer clothing base must have. If you want something only for summer, you can choose the 7/8 version, which is also trendy now. They will look good with both flat and high heels sandals.

narrow black or navy blue pants, i.e. more formal attire, the basis of marine style etc.

white or beige pants

skirt in a neutral dark color

a white or cream midi or maxi skirt, e.g. pleated – will add effortless elegance to many outfits

navy blue or white shorts

3 | Dresses

little black dress – always!

white summer dress – perfect for hot days and evenings out

4 | Outerwear

an airy jacket, preferably two: white or beige and navy blue – pay attention to the lining, polyester or polyamid is not the best choice for summer (to be true it isn’t good choice at all). The jacket itself also should not contain more than 20% artificial fibers

5 | Footwear

white classic sneakers

nude/beige ballerinas and/or high heels to complement more formal outfits

flat sandals – brown or black will be the most versatile

delicate high-heeled sandals – perfect for a warm evening out

This is my base. You can follow its use on my blog instagram. What’s in yours?

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