Summer capsule wardrobe. My beginning – example #1

My challenge: summer capsule wardrobe (for 3 months)

New season is coming. Everyone is waiting for summer, because this year spring does not spoil us so far. This is a good moment for changes, so I decided to implement the idea of a capsule wardrobe for the coming three months of summer.

Why summer capsule wardrobe is a challenge for me?

For the last two weeks I was picking, planning and completing my wardrobe to minimize its content, according to the rules I wrote about earlier. On blogs that I mentioned so far, ladies with a smile on their faces easily choose 33, 37 or 40 items from their wardrobes and enjoy their capsule. Is it really that easy? I say right away: it was not bed of roses for me. I have a lot of things to wear in summer and the choice was hard. However, the aim of the experiment is not only to select fewer items and to survive wearing them until the next season. Main goal is proving that you can own less clothes and there’s no need to shop more than once every 3 months.

My experiment: summer capsule wardrobe

I printed my form and made a lifestyle analysis, which clearly showed that I spend most of my time at home wearing homewear. Since it doesn’t count for the capsule, I checked what activity took the second place. That was spending time out in casual outfit, and I focused on that. When I needed to choose my colors, it was much more difficult. Finally my capsule wardrobe was based on 4 main colors (navy blue, blue, black, white), 1 neutral (gray), and I chose ancient pink and yellow as an accent. So I knew what to look for. Seems easy, but … how do I choose from that many things that I own and like? How to deal with the fact that the weather in summer may vary?


When you have a lot of clothes, a capsule wardrobe means mostly eliminating it one by one things that:
1. are not suitable for this season
2. I could wear in other seasons
3. are very formal in style
4. I would put on the list only because I feel guilty for not wearing them
5. should be placed in a large drawer with homewear.
But the pile was still too big. I also noticed that there are things that are duplicated (eg navy blue skirts, white T-shirts. This is what you get when you shop clueless).

The choice

If like me, you are struggling with dilemmas, and the choice still seems to be too difficult and not so obvious, here are additional rules that have worked for me:

1. Choose only what is suitable for the season.
2. Make choices according to how you really spend your time, not how you would like to spend it.
3. Choose items that meet your needs (e.g. a sense of comfort, femininity, body shape, simple cut, functionality, etc.).
4. Bet on the things you really like.
5. Choose things that blend in easily with the rest.
6. Don’t force yourself. A well-prepared minimalist capsule is as many things as you really need (but do not treat this rule as an excuse for adding things to the list of selected items or consent to mega-purchases).
7. If you need to buy something, choose clothes that will last more than one season.


My summer capsule for 2016 consists of 42 items. Initially, the amount was 40. What did I add and why? I add a navy blue sweater because it goes with most things. And after a chilly morning I decided to buy a summer long-sleeved Tshirt. I saw no reason to throw anything out of the list, because I found it very functional. At the same time, I do not expect that I would often wear a trench coat or a leather jacket, but in the case of colder or rainy days, I have to take this into account.

In general, my wardrobe needs to be refreshed or replaced some time soon. This season it is good enough. My list of clothes includes 3 items to buy: a marine dress, a striped long-sleeved Tshirt and a white Tshirt.

Capsule wardrobe for summer – conclusions and lessons for a beginner minimalist

As you can see, building a compact wardrobe is not so easy when you have a lot of garment. And I thought I had nothing to wear! When you are building a capsule, the differences between the things you like more and the rest are quite noticeable. When you ask yourself “how much I like this thing / how well I feel in it”, the pile of things “to rethink/decide later” is getting bigger. It is also possible that when you think more about quality some items will eventually be left aside or qualified as a homewear.

How many clothes are there in my summer capsule?

In the end, I built a basic capsule of 42 items. Clothes for “occasional events” are not included. My capsule is reflecting the needs of my everyday life, so I additionally built two mini capsules (one for big nights out, and the other for business meetings (both of 8 things).
As a novice minimalist, I was not able to reach the number 40 without much sacrifice. That would mean dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction means reluctance, and reluctance means abandoning the goal. I prefer to achieve my goal in the long run. Still I gave up a lot of things. The second thing, more practical – in summer clothes tend to get dirty faster and I would feel bad having too little of them. I also don’t want to excessively use my shoes when I can afford to choose.

What if I fail?

A minimalist’s wardrobe is a collection of things that are often used and meet the needs. That is, having no more things than you can make a good use of. Only then what you have really makes sense, and you do not have to limit yourself and long for navy blue pants for three months just because you did not think about them when planning… You can also always opt for a one-month capsule. In my opinion, it is better to exceed the number of clothing and have a freedom of choice. Still we need to pay attention to what we wear, how willingly, etc., and finally draw the lines for the next ccapsule. If, during the capsule experiment, it slowly dawns on you that you do not need as many things as you have gathered over the years you are still on the right path. I also think it will be easier with each new season!

I am curious about your experiences – it went smoothly, or not? How many items does your capsule contain?

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