Sport workout at home. How to start and how to persevere?

Are you training at home? I do. It started because pollen allergy eliminated me from running (and good, ‘cos I hated it). That’s why I have been choosing a workout at home for several years. Last year, there was also organized classes in ballet school twice a week, but in addition to that, I am still training at home. Because of the current situation related to coronavirus gyms and swimming pools remain closed for most of the time. Not everyone wants or can train outside at the fresh air. How about to take a home training? What to train at home? Maybe yoga? Or maybe classic fitness? What do you need to start? How to persevere?

1 | Sport practice at home? Choose what you want to do, start with a scratch and do not overwork

This is the basis for both: to start and to persevere. Usually when we decide to practice sports at home, we have a goal connected to the body: here too much, there too little etc. And often for this “too little/too much” there is a super recommended hardcore set of exercises that makes you almost dead you after the first approach. You have the enthusiasm to continue the hated set of exercises for a while, but sooner or later, you give it up. Meanwhile, instead of focusing on a specific part of the body, it is worth taking care of the body overall not necessarily tapping with something that made half of Poland slimmed. Think about what give you pleasure and what intensity of exercises is suitable to devote 30-60 minutes during the day. When you have a routine, probably at some point you will intensify the exercises or want to spend more time practicing sport.

What to practice at home:

Classics: Pure Fitness and other sets

More classic exercise sets you will find in applications such as:

Adidas app Runtastic now gives 3 months for the premium version for free – it’s worth it!

Nike Training Club – premium for free until they stop the promo

Les Mills on Demand (I advise against Barre with brunette, you will kill your knees for 2 weeks). There’s only paid app, but I can be wrong because I had it a year ago.

My choice: Yoga

I hate meditation and slow movements 🙂 Therefore, for many years I considered a yoga for nonsense. Until I saw that it could be a bit more intense and completely free from “looking into myself”, i.e. concentrated more on the fitness approach. This version suits me very much and I found something for myself.

And so on a daily basis I practice yoga with Tara Stiles, who created her Strala Yoga. I compiled a playlist of short sets on YouTube or choose a set from the phone application. It has a flow, it’s not boring, builds strength in whole body, slightly stretches. Movies are short 4-12 minutes, so you can start really from scratch. In addition, Tara has a pleasant voice, and her liquid movements and a super silhouette are a great motivation – I want to catch this flow!

Here you need to be stronger to practice:


Fitstar Yoga application is also available on Apple devices. Diverse exercise sets, a large selection of these free.

If you want to learn the anatomy of yoga position, then and their 30-day introduction to yoga will help, but I warn you, it is quite slow – I did not persist. Meanwhile, honestly the instructors are very exact, everything is fully explained and there is no better place if you want to learn exercise properly. (At the beginning of the adventure with yoga, I read a super book “Yoga for Dummies”, which is not “dummy” at all, on the contrary. It shows what to remember for a safe practice and shows that yoga is easier than we are thinking. The book is probably only in English.

2 | What do you need?

In most cases for training sport at home you simply need a piece of floor. However, a decent mat would be great. For the first months I practiced on the cheapest one you can have from Decathlon, next 3 years I practiced with a slightly more expensive mat also from Decathlon (it was great, but wore out). It is important that the surface gives stabilization and convenience. Some other accessories may be needed for more effort sports, eg weights, but for starters, there is nothing to bother.

3 | Outfit

No surprise: you need a convenient sports outfit. Training at home does not require a lot, but it is always good  to have something nice 🙂. At the same time, shirt and stretchy shorts or leggings are enough.

Read also: Sports clothing. A minimum that gives you a maximum

4 | Sport workout at home. How to persevere?

  1. Find something that gives you pleasure.
  2. Start within your limits until you catch routine.
  3. Gradually increase the intensity or duration of practice.
  4. Do not worry when something goes wrong. It will be better in a week, two, or a month.
  5. When it’s possible, train when you are not tired.
  6. Drink a lot of water
  7. Stretch after training. (boring, but extremely valid!)

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