Minimalism. Do I have to be a perfectionist for this?

If you ask yourself this question, you are almost for sure not a perfectionist and you wonder if minimalism is the way to go. Hmm .. I don’t know if minimalism is for you, but for sure I know that perfectionism is not needed to put it into practice. On the contrary, it can make this task difficult and even lead you to quit altogether. Perfectionism imposes more criteria, restrictions and makes it harder to be satisfied with your own actions. And it does not guarantee success at all.

Perfect plan for minimalism

When I started my struggle with changing my lifestyle and perceiving the world six months ago (it’s 2015, folks), I didn’t have a perfect plan how to do it, or even a precise vision of the finish line. I just felt that certain things were bothering me. Through trial and error, I checked what worked for me and what didn’t, without knowing where it would lead me. It didn’t always work out, especially since my goal was quite vague. I didn’t define any particular area of ​​my life that I wanted to start with. It happened only now, when I chose the wardrobe for the start, because it is the most “tangible” for me. I also know why I need to change my routines: I want to have a sense of order and space in my surroundings. I want more control over what I own. I also want to separate what I really need from what is offered for me. However, it is good to have a goal, so I encourage you to somehow define what you are striving for, what satisfies you. This will save you time, eliminate a lot of mistakes and, above all, it will be easier for you to verify how much you are moving forward in your decisions and actions.

Minimalism. Why doesn’t perfectionism work?

When you decide to implement minimalism, you limit yourself more or less. You refuse to buy, you give up certain relationships (with people or things) and activities, you reject some way of thinking, you throw out something (or in fact you throw away a lot 🙂). Quitting often causes a sense of loss. If the new approach to life is not yet deeply entrenched, it is difficult to accept the failure at some point. When you bet on a perfectionist approach, it is more than certain that you will not get a reward for your sacrifices because you will impose too strict criteria on your success. So if you don’t do something perfectly – it doesn’t count. All efforts are in vain. There will also be a belief that you have failed.

Freedom to act

Lack of perfectionism allows you to implement various ideas and solutions just to see if they work. If not, you go on trying something new and don’t waste your energy on something that didn’t work anymore. Do you remember the post about the Kaizen philosophy in life? Do not look for the perfect solution – choose simple and effective.

What if …

If I were a perfectionist, this blog would never have been created. Or I would pamper him for months, only to say after the first publication that it was not for me, because I did not achieve the perfect number of views. If I were a perfectionist, I would never have started reorganizing the wardrobe and introducing a minimalist approach to the wardrobe – after all, I did not reach the magic number of 33, 37 or 40 clothes, and I could hardly close myself to 42 with a compromise in the form of two mini capsules. Ha! I even bought 3 items! Does it make me feel less minimalist? No, because despite the above, I have overcome a lot of my limitations and I feel good about it. This encourages me to keep pushing and defining my path. Do not worry if your idea for slow life or minimalism is not perfect, it is important that you keep moving 🙂

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