How to define your style?

how to define your style

Do you wonder how to define your style? It’s time for the next step in the “wardrobe project”. Now that you’ve set your goals and made a lifestyle analysis, it’s time to identify your personal style. This will allow you to better plan and organize the contents of your wardrobe and help you make better choices in your future purchases. A perfectly matched wardrobe content is really something that makes life easier. Wearing things that reflect your style and who you really are definitely makes you feel better. It’s also easier to make everyday decisions about what to wear.

How to define your style?
Stage 1: observations

The bad news: It will take a month to complete this step.

The good news: basically each of us has our own style, even if we are not fully aware of it.

You have it too. You just need to discover it or specify it. Another thing is that your wardrobe may only reflect it in some percentage. This would explain the situation where you wear some clothes very often, while others only collect dust. Or the other way around: when you like something crazy when other people wear it, but you would not wear yourself it or feel uncomfortable in it.

An assignment for the next 4 weeks: Take note of what you wear during the day

First of all, it is worth to analyze what you wear on a daily basis throughout the month. What to note down to be able to define your style later?

1. Type of clothes
2. Color
3. Cut
4. Type of material/fibre
5. How well you feel at it (eg on a scale of 1 to 5). If your rating is at the bottom of the scale, consider why it is low.

Why define your style? Benefits for minimalists

Defining your own style brings many benefits. I have already mentioned a few of them. How does this process support minimalism?

Having defined your style precisely:

– you can compose a wardrobe with little content, but each item will be consciously selected and used
– you can shop more wisely (or economically)
– if through minimalism you fight with an excessive amount of things or compulsive purchases, you will become more resistant to seasonal trends, advertising and other “super events”
– you can get rid of unused clothes, that so far there has been no specific reason to get rid of them.

So we proceed to the next step. a super simple thing to start with: just dress as usual and take notes :). It will be of great help.

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