How to choose seasonal trend in 4 simple steps

Seasonal trends – is everything worth being up to date with?

Each season brings a row of seasonal must-haves that colorful magazines convince us to buy immediately. Some of these things are actually interesting. Many of them are looking pretty. However, let’s not forget that most of these types of fashion trends do not survive longer than one season. In the next one, no one remembers them anymore, or they are even unacceptable. If, in addition, they were not comfortable, you won’t wear them the next year.

Let’s assume, however, that you want to refresh your wardrobe and make it up to date. Classic wardrobe could need such a seasonal breath of freshness, no matter if it is minimalist or not. In my opinion, it is not worth stocking up on all seasonal hits. On the one hand, it is an unnecessary expense, and on the other hand, it is impossible to wear it all. Some trends are usually opposite to one another or represent such a distant approach to clothing that they will not be able to fit our individual style. So how to choose well – for not to regret money spent and benefit from shopping? Here is a mini-guide for a minimalist:

1| Review your wardrobe

Check what you already have and what you will most likely wear every day. Without knowing what you have at the start, it will be difficult to choose something that will refresh or complete your wardrobe.

2| Identify seasonal trends

Check what’s hot this season. Also check what the trendy clothes are supposed to be worn with, what the outfits look in the magazine’s photos, because this can give you a hint on how to combine the novelty with what is already hanging in your wardrobe.

3| Define your own selection criteria

What do you need? Do you choose a specific color, material or cut? Or are you just looking for any shoes or a dress? What’s your budget and do you need to stick to it? What does your week look like, i.e. when would you wear this seasonal trend?

4| Choose something for yourself

Choose up to two trends that suit you best. Check if you don’t have to buy more new things because this trendy cloth needs to be styled properly. If the trends are based on the classics (such as the sailor stripes motif), it is not a problem, but if it is something that will be forgotten next season (e.g. who can see folk motifs or shiny metallic fabrics now), it is a pity to invest in it. Therefore, buy something that you will feel comfortable in and feel good next year. You can also make choice based on what you already have – then all you need to do is buy one well-thought-out item that will refresh a lot of everyday outfits.


In the case of seasonal trends, remember one more thing. Choose what is goes with your personality and what you feel good in, otherwise it will stay in your closet unused, or wearing it you will dream about changing your clothes in the middle of the day.

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