How not to shop for summer clothes

Minimalistic wardrobe and shopping threats

Summer starts and soon the high temperatures will stay with us for many weeks. The summer collections are available in stores for some time, but if you haven’t felt like shopping so far, summer days can be an impulse for seasonal buying. Instead of assuming you have nothing to wear and buy your entire wardrobe from scratch, see what you can do to avoid spending money on new clothes. Below you will find 5 ways to avoid shopping madness and minimize your purchases.

1. Shop in your own closet

Often the feeling that we have nothing to wear is deceptive and comes from the fact that we do not know exactly what we have. Especially if you haven’t refreshed your wardrobe for a long time, you can find a lot of interesting things in it. Think about what you can use this season, what you want and like to wear. Once you identify this, the amount of clothing you can buy can drop drastically. Check what is fashionable again or what perfectly match the current trends.

2. Become friends with the dressmaker

See what can be remade or modernized. Perhaps a dress that is too short can be made into an interesting blouse, a long-sleeved shirt can be transformed into a short one, or the worn jeans can be replaced with nicely finished shorts? A long skirt can always be shortened. Sometimes putting on an interesting application, changing the buttons to the original ones make the thing take on a new charm and instead of hiding it in the bottom of the drawer, you start to wear it with pleasure.

3. Invest in decent accessories

Accessories such as a handbag, belt, jewelry or shoes can set a new tone for many outfits. Strong, eye-catching accents effectively distract people from noticing that you wear the same old dress. Even if you wear it two days in a row, people won’t notice when they are focused on the attractive, eye-catching accessories.

4. Think it all

Scheduled shopping will certainly reduce impulsive spending. Define your needs in terms of what you already have, the way you spend time and your finances. If you are going to an event in the summer (e.g. a wedding), choose a dress that is easy to use in many ways and for many occassions (e.g. by following advice #3).
Also think about what your expectations are for the garment (quality, material, cut). You will be more decisive in the store and you will not give yourself a break. If an item doesn’t meet your expectations, you just won’t buy it.

5. Be creative

Take a look at your clothes and see how you can style them. Is the white shirt really reserved only for formal occasions? How will rolling up of the trousers change your outfit?
If you are looking for ideas for a creative approach to clothes, this movie will surely inspire you. Would you believe that this girl wore the same dress all year round, and at the same time her outfit never repeated?
Uniform project – VIDEO


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