Fashion vs style. The 2020 trends for a minimalist

Trends for summer 2020 were announced in spring, but usually we start thinking about refreshing our summer wardrobe only when warmer days come. Additionally, summer sales are starting right to tempt us. Which clothes can safely be put into a minimalist’s wardrobe? When making a decision, it is definitely worth paying attention to the differences between fashion and style. Seasonal, transient items are commonly defined as fashion. Ones that we even won’t look at in a year’s time. Stylish things, on the other hand, are timeless. And these are the elements that are worth reaching for when you focus on minimalism and you want to build a wardrobe with clothes that last for many seasons.

Which trends for summer 2020 are fashion and which are style?

1| Polka dots

Yes! It is definitely worth having polka dots in a minimalist wardrobe. This pattern has always been in fashion, and a polka dot dress or blouse can be worn all year round. What works best? Uncomplicated cut outfit with small polka dots.

trendy lato 2020
polka dot shirt Zalando (Marc O’Polo)

2| Safari style

The safari style is characterized by the colors of the desert – beige, sand and khaki. Safari styled shirts, dresses and jackets year after year appear in big brands lookbooks and it is a very safe trend for summer 2020 for a minimalist, as long as the clothes are not overcomplicated.

safari dress Zalando (Benetton)

3| Nudes

Single pieces of clothing and even whole sets in beige and delicate pink are a good choice. Beiges are neutral colors great for a clothing base. Therefore, you can wear nude classic clothes in summer, and then use them as a nice basics for other seasons.

nude jumper Zalando (Gina Tricot)

4| Legging style shorts

Trends for summer 2020 strongly emphasize the importance of cycling leggings in a summer wardrobe, preferably combined with a jacket. Well… Unless you are a fan of cycling, avoid it. This trend has a lot to do with fashion, but not necessarily with style.

trendy lato 2020
legging shorts Zalando (Kaffe)

5| White dresses

A white dress looks good in a summer wardrobe. It will be on top not only this season, but certainly also in the following ones. If you only care about typical beach styling, choose something casual, but the more classic models will work in many situations (work, going out, city everyday life), also off-season, e.g. in spring.

white dress Zalando (Mango)

6| Neons

Neon colors appear not for the first time, but it is definitely not something for a stylish minimalist’s wardrobe. If you try something in such crazy colors, you will probably put it into the deepest drawer next season.

neons Zalando (NA-KD)

7| Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are not only the trend for summer 2020. We have been seeing them in stores for several years. They are stylish, airy, and they blend in nicely with both thin and thicker tops. Definitely stylish and for many seasons, although a lot depends on the color and whether we choose a patterned or plain skirt.

pleated skirt H&M

8 | Blazer with lingerie

It doesn’t matter how old you are. An outfit with a jacket worn over underwear will always be in bad taste, no matter how elegant underwear or a jacket you choose.

Zalando (Mango)

9| Tropical, animal prints and patterns

Well, they were never a sign of good taste and the fact that they were announced as a trend for summer 2020 did not change that 🙂

bluzka ze zwierzęcym nadrukiem na Zalando (Gestuz)

What are your favorite 2020 trends? What do you already have in your wardrobe that is in fashion this season? I take out pleated skirts, a white dress and polka dots from the wardrobe – the latter is a dress I bought probably 8 years ago!

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