Closet organizing – part II

The minimalism in wardrobe is a big challenge for me, and declutttering the wardrobe and organizing its contents is usually tedious. It is better to do it once and for all. Therefore, for some time I thought about how to make it easier for myself and at the same time effective. Today, as promised in the previous post describing organizing the wardrobe step by step, I am giving you a tool supporting the first general decluttering – a printable brochure. It will be useful for those who:

a) don’t know how much they have
b) do not remember how much they have
c) want everything to be explained in simple steps
d) like to make notes 🙂

For people who want to reduce their consumption needs, it will be a great material proof that certain areas of the wardrobe are already completed and there is no point in buying, for example, more white trousers or striped blouses. You can take the completed list to the store with you – nothing will make you realize that certain drawers in the closet are already full enough.
If the statement shows that even after scrupulous cleaning, there are still many things in your closet and you do not feel satisfied with the clothes you have, it will be an impulse to change your shopping habits.

One thing – if you did not put anything in the “What am I missing” column, it usually means that your needs in this category are met. You do not buy those items anymore until the next cleaning or the need to replace the worn / old thing with a new one. This principle is very supportive of the minimalist approach 🙂

So, here’s what you do:

You watch every single thing and ask yourself sample questions from the form.
After choosing things to keep in the wardrobe, you can assess how much you have. (Hmm, if in the footwear column I have 40 pairs of shoes, I really begin to understand that I have enough of them. And I answer right away: no, earlier this fact was very blurred for me :))
You answer the final questions.
You are planning an action.

Minimalistic closet at hand

Decluttering is no easy matter, especially if this is your first time to do it so thoroughly. A brochure that covers the entire topic will surely be useful to you.

Click and download file for organizing your wardrobe Decluttering my closet (36 downloads)

Go for it!

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