Classic trainers & sneakers – back to basics

klasyczne trampki na lato blog o szafie kapsułowej

Classic sneakers for summer and spring are a well-known and popular element of the clothing base. In my opinion, each of us should have a pair in our wardrobe. They are very useful for every day life and you can create a lot of interesting outfits with them. Therefore, when asked what to wear sneakers with, the most common answer is: everything! Well, almost everything :).

We wear sneakers most often in summer, but in late spring and early autumn we can also reach for them. The best choice will be one-color in neutral shades, without unnecessary ornaments. Thanks to this, they will become extremely universal.

Are sneakers worth to have?

As I mentioned above, this is a very universal type of footwear. They will look great in casual situations – a walk in the city, on a trip, at a meeting with friends – everything we do “after hours”. If your everyday style is the so-called casual, classic sneakers will become your favorite footwear. At the end of this post, you will find a photo gallery where you can see what I’m wearing them with. They are also certainly an indispensable component of the so-called marine style.

Sneakers in the clothing base

Contrary to typical summer shoes such as flip-flops or sandals, sneakers definitely go beyond the seasonal clothing base. We can also wear them in the spring base and in the summer base. Contrary to appearances, sneakers are not an invention of modern times – although probably in the mid-19th century it was perceived as such. It was then that the rubber sole was invented, which revolutionized the footwear production. Typically sports footwear began to be produced over 50 years later (these are the beginnings of the Reebok brand). Classic sneakers, as we understand them today, had to wait another 20 years, when the first pair of Converse – high shoes for basketball players was created.

What sneakers to choose?

If you can or want to have only one pair, definitely choose a universal color – black, white, beige or navy blue. They will blend in well with items of clothing in other colors. Give up decorations and typical sports elements, then you will wear them with more outfits. Thick or thin sole – it depends on you what you feel good in and what model you like. I feel best in those with a medium thick sole.

There are two types of this footwear available in stores as far as the material is concerned: canvas and leather (or eco-leather, i.e. plastic). I decided to have two pairs – both canvas and leather. I choose canvas on dry, warm days, and the latter when it rains or when it is cooler outside. Leather can also be worn longer during the year – in spring and autumn, which is not always possible in the case of pairs made of fabric.

When choosing your sneakers, first of all pay attention to comfort – you will probably also wear them barefoot. The sole should cushion the ground well so that you can feel comfortable while walking. Shoes should allow the foot to breathe. In the case of fabrics, choose those made of cotton or linen canvas. In leather ones, make sure that the lining is also made of leather, you can find pairs lined inside with a delicate material, too. Check if nothing rubs you – in some sneakers the tongue is very stiff and apparently it does not change much during use. Likewise, the heel part should be soft and not painful when walking. If you have such an opportunity, ask around about the selected ones, e.g. whether the sole will turn yellow after time, which will give the shoes an ugly appearance.

Are classic sneakers an investment piece?

When it comes to answering the question of whether it is worth having classic sneakers in your wardrobe, the answer is definitely: yes! However, is it worth spending more money on them? I have thought about it a lot lately and the answer is both yes and no. My experience shows that it is definitely worth investing in those made of canvas. I chose the classic white converse, but at the very beginning, when I was still checking if the sneakers are right for me, I bought a regular no-name pair. Unfortunately, the “ordinary” ones did not last even six months. The sole quickly cracked, became unsightly and worse, uncomfortable. However, I liked this type of footwear, so my second pair were Converse (when buying off-season, you can hunt them at a lower price). They wear great, wash well, are comfortable, wear out slowly. It is very easy to restore their splendor when they get dirty. Converse All Star is a very timeless model and despite the light sporty style (colorful stripes on the sole) in everyday outfits, you can wear them with practically everything.

Meanwhile, leather sneakers are a slightly different. In the case of white ones, I am not entirely sure if it is worth paying more than the average market price for them. These are shoes, that easily get old badly, and their care can be problematic – in fact, they need to be cleaned on a go. My first leather sneakers from Massimo Dutti only lasted less than 2 years. I tried to renovate them, but it only extended their life by 2 months. Therefore, while they look minimalistic, not every minimalist will be happy to have to replace them every season or two. However, they look great and are very versatile.

What to wear classic sneakers with?

Classic sneakers for summer and spring can be worn with a lot of things! Jeans, skirts, dresses. Anyway, see for yourself.

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