Capsule closet in black & white – example vol. #7

For sure from time to time you need to go out being dressed up in elegant clothes. The whole year capsule closet in black & white is the best option for a minimalist. It will also be good for those of you who seldom have to dress elegant and don’t need to have a lot of this kind of clothes.

The capsule closet for a big night out – black & white

In this capsule (and this is an example from my closet!) the dominant color is black with a little addition of white. These are the most universal colors, that are considered elegant and chic. Simple classic cuts allow your clothes to stay in your closet for many years.

The capsule closet for a night out: dresses & blazers

The most classic dresses are black. Following this lead, you can easily add a few similar-looking garments. If you need more choice, the content of the wardrobe can be varied: a black formal dress, an elegant white dress and a double colored black and white dress.

The above is based on 3 dresses, but you can easily reduce it to one, preferably classic, black. If it’s still too much, a white jacket, which is dedicated rather to the summer season, is also a thing that can be out of closet if necessary.

The capsule closet for a night out: outerwear

The capsule includes standard outerwear that many of us already have. For spring – a black light coat that can also be worn in early fall. For the winter season – a wool coat. In summer, we can choose blazers, which can also be useful in winter for a middle layer.

Outfit for a night out: shoes

In this case, the capsule wardrobe is based on three pairs of black shoes: high heel sandals for summer, classic high heels for fall and spring, and elegant boots for winter.

The capsule closet for a night out: acccessories

One classic formal handbag is enough. If you wear jewelry or other accessories, you can fit them quite freely into the capsule.

szafa kapsułowa na wyjście
The whole year round capsule closet for a big night out


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