Blog about minimalism – how did it start?

It’s 2015. You are just reading the first post on a blog that will follow my new path – implementing a minimalist approach in life. I am starting to build my wardrobe, environment, and way of spending time around it, and I can already see the first positive effects on my life. I feel more calm, less stressed – and it feels better and better!

This story has several beginnings, although it actually shows some evolution. First, overwhelmed by stress, I changed my corporate job to a freelance job. I freed myself from the pressure, slowed down the pace, I could do what I like, but the predictable amount of money stopped flowing into my account every month. Previously, I spent most of them on increasing my possession, more often in quantity than in quality. The new situation meant that I no longer allow myself to make wicked purchases and I try to invest in universal, good-quality things that will last much longer and will not bore me.

This way, I got to the point where I started analyzing the contents of my wardrobe, or rather I was trying to find the answer to the question: “How do I really want to dress now?”, “Why does nothing fit together?” or “Why am I always wearing the same clothes with so many other un used in the coset?” I began to read neglected before wardrobe blogs and books that gave me preliminary answers to these questions; like most people, together with Marie Kondo I cleaned the house and the wardrobe and…. I stopped being interested in the subject. Everything was slowly returning to its previous state. Since then, I have made two more approaches to this challenge, and I still lacked consistency. The topic, however, was still relevant and I felt how this disordered environment was hurting me. I started looking for a solution.

By accident, I came across three minimalism blogs that changed my approach. They are: Un-Fancy, Into Mind and Be More With Less and I based my action on them. I decided to gradually but consistently implement a minimalist approach. I won’t say I know how to do it, but I found and continue to find a lot of tips that could help me.

So I am faced with the challenge of defining my style (to know what is missing in my wardrobe and at what point my needs are satisfied), to organize the surroundings (so that it is easy to find out about it all and easier to maintain order) and to build daily routines on it (to make life became simpler, and habits supported the above). This is my goal and, as it may look easy, it is not. I invite everyone who is looking for a new lifestyle, transparency, order, the ability to develop conscious decision-making to my blog about minimalism and accompany me on this journey and share their experiences in the comments.

Minimalism doesn’t have to be something of a spirituality, it can be just a methodical approach to life – without any philosophy being demonstrated. We’ll start with the simple things – organize your wardrobe and the closest environment like home or work, and then, if you want it, it’s time for more.

Slow life, slow food, slow fashion – let’s go!

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