Beige in capsule closet – minimalistic capsule for the end of summer (example #10)

Do you like beige in the capsule closet? I created this capsule wardrobe based on beige for all bright neutral colors lovers. Here with a bit of black – in the end, the small ammount of black is always useful! And obligatory light blue jeans – with a white t-shirt it’s the most universal element of each capsule closet.

Capsule wardrobe – beige with a subtle black and blue accent

As you can see, it is based on clear shades of bronze. The capsule consists of:

  • 8 tops
  • 5 bottoms
  • 4 dresses (one can also be used as a tunic)
  • 3 outerwear
  • 2 handbags
  • 5 pairs of shoes.
    Together – 27 items that are supposed to be enough for 40 days until the end of September. Below you will find 24 ready-to-go outfits, but there are a lot more combinations.

Beiges in a capsule closet are a pleasant view. They easy mix and match and they work well for your outfits.

In the following capsule you will find an autumn call – camel trench coat and a warmer cardigan. Just for colder evenings for now. However, there you have mainly summer outfits based on dresses or shorts and summer footwear. Minimalistic timeless cuts – this content has no “validity date”, the opposite of what would significantly bring the presence of seasonal trends. This summer capsule closet will work in the city and on holiday.

Do you like beige color in your capsule wardrobe?

Szafa kapsułowa beże
Beże w szafie kapsułowej
Szafa kapsułowa beżwe
Szafa kapsułowa beże
Szafa kapsułowa beże
Szafa kapsułowa beże

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