Beige capsule wardrobe – example #12

As I promised today I present a beige capsule wardrobe. Especially for bright tones lovers and for those who look good in this color I have an autumn capsule in beige and shades of bronze. Those colors are a dominant supplemented with subtle simplicity of gray and black, and the icing on the cake is a red dress for special occasions.

Beżowa szafa kapsułowa

As you can see, the capsule wardrobe consists of 10 tops, 3 dresses (one can also be worn as a long sweater). There are 6 bottoms (including two skirts), 5 pairs of shoes (you can safely get rid of one pair of sneakers). There is also a scarf and two handbags. If you’re aiming for a more minimalist starter kit, you can also get rid of another few pieces. For example, one of the coats (preferably a trench coat, which is suitable for slightly warmer autumn days) also maybe a gray T-shirt, and wear a white one instead. For me, however, this is an optimal set, giving time for a laundry, and a little “rest” for shoes or outerwear. If you don’t wear skirts, replace them with additional pants (e.g. cream jeans or traditional blue ones).

Beige capsule wardrobe – the outfits

From the elements above, I have planned over 20 sample sets for the fall, i.e. for about 45 days that are left until the weather gets colder. As always, this is not the maximum that can be achieved by using these garments. You can easily create a lot of other sets or repeat those from the graphics below.

Beżowa szafa kapsułowa
Beżowa szafa kapsułowa

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