5 mistakes about style and shopping that I made in the past

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If you follow my Instagram account, you know that since last year I have been at the stage of revamping my clothes, and that I have almost achieved my goal – creating the perfect wardrobe that reflects my style and my needs. And it is not only about a capsule closet, but about the contents of the wardrobe in general – in terms of style, needs and in terms of quality, cuts, etc. At the same time, I got rid of unnecessary clothes that didn’t match my current lifestyle. But how did it happen that it took me so long to complete such a wardrobe? Well, it has dawned on me recently! I started to wonder how I shop years long before starting my blog and what criteria I followed when I made lots of effort (read: frequent shopping) to have the perfect wardrobe. I realized that I was making a few simple mistakes that were effectively getting me not where I wanted to be. Here they are.

1| The belief that everything I buy has to be in one style

I don’t mean a personal signature style, but a type of clothes. Over the years of working for a corporation, I have dressed quite formally. Therefore, I thought that everything I buy should be of this nature. In addition, I found it rational and economical that if I have to spend money on a piece of clothing, it should be just the one I can wear to work. Why waste money on something else? As a result, I had a wardrobe of dresses, jackets, shirts, shoes and trousers for work, and not too much to wear afterwards. As if that was not enough, I didn’t like most of these clothes at all, and I didn’t feel great wearing them either. Apart from dresses and shoes, which, however, I always had some talent to choose, and in this field I also made the fewest purchasing mistakes. All these items, except for dresses, most shoes and one jacket, flew out of the closet as soon as I stopped working full time. And not because they didn’t fit the job I switched to, they just didn’t suit me. Well, the truth is that the personal style, so-called signature style does not have to take into account only one type of clothing. It can freely combine several types of outfits that you repeat over a longer period of time. There is a place for every type of clothing, and with the characteristic flair of your personal style, you can also create a more formal outfit, as long as we devote some time to coming up with our concept, and we do not buy typical sets of clothes going the easy way.

2| The belief that you only buy things in your accurate size

I am a size 34 (6) and you wouldn’t find anything else in my wardrobe for years. I don’t know where this belief comes from that clothes always have to fit the body perfectly. Perhaps because my mother kept telling me that I was fat since I have been in primary school, although I never leaned beyond the size XS :). The life biggest discovery: you can wear clothes larger than you currently measure. You don’t have to prove to everyone around you have a waist! In this way, oversize-style coats showed in wardrobe, and some jumpers that are deliberately chosen a size or two larger to match the fitted bottoms better. This season, I also started to wear two pairs of relaxed fit pants. Thanks to this, I was able to refresh my outfits with something new and feel more easy in clothes.

3| The belief that style is created with cool things

So it was like I don’t need a clothing base to get dressed. Of course, I didn’t know then that there was such a thing as a base, but it came straightforward from my purchasing decisions. When shopping, I did not pay attention to clothes that now I cannot imagine a wardrobe without, i.e. basic things in neutral colors. Lacking simple basics also prevented me from wearing the more expressive elements of the outfit, so I bought them and then gave up wearing them. Now, when you look at my wardrobe, you won’t find anything extravagant, but in a capsule wardrobe there is definitely a place for such things, you just need to have something to compose them with.

4| The belief that I have to prove something with my clothes

For example, that I can afford certain clothes, that I am “up-to-date”, that I can “dress properly”, that I am a professional, etc. I think that many people are stuck in such a mental trap not only in the wardrobe case, but also in other areas of life, e.g. which car to drive, how to decorate a house, where to go on holiday, where to eat. It is worth getting out of this trap as quickly as possible, because it turns out that we live our lives adapting to the other people’s expectations. Coming back to the wardrobe – if you have to prove something to others by how you dress, you are probably in the wrong company :). Clothes should match your lifestyle and your comfort.

5| The belief that it’s worth looking like someone else

Believe me, the path of copying someone else’s style is a path to nowhere. Of course, it’s important to pay attention to how others are dressed. It may be quite interesting. You can always see something new, get inspired, get a recommendation and come up with your own combination, but you should not dress from head to toe like someone else – unless you really have an own well-defined style and it just coincides with someone else’s. Otherwise you will not feel dressed, but disguised. It also can happen that someone else’s style of clothes doesn’t fit you well or match your lifestyle. My attempts to adopt someone else’s style have never had any effect in the long term. It just wasn’t me.

What style or shopping trap you experienced?

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