Classic trench coat – back to basics

klasyczny trencz damski

Classic trench coast its the most “paying off” items in the clothing base. In my opinion everybody should have one! It goes well with smart and casual outfits. It is hard to make mistake styling it. It’s also the first thing in mind when we think about the Parisian chic.

Classic trench coat – the cut and length

Nowadays oversize is the most popular, but a bit fitted and well cut trench coat is timeless and looks a bit better. You can buy trench coat of any length. The half-thigh are the most common (maybe it is because of lower price), but the knee-long are the most practical. It’s optimal for me – makes the body looks slimmer and it looks better with dresses/skirts. It also protects body from rain and wind, which can be important in spring and autumn.

Looking for cut keep in mind that in colder season you may want to layer up. So consider sizing up or choosing oversize cut.

Double-breasted coats are considered more formal. Apart from that you have double layer on your chest to protect you from wind.

The belt

You should have one with buckle – looks more neat. The most practical are the plastic ones (ex. tortoiseshell color). The belt keeps the body shaped when layered up.

The classic trench coat – the fibre and color

It should traditionally be some water resistant following the history. The gabardine invented by Burberry is the best, but you are more likely to have it achieved with synthetic fibres nowadays because of costs. Some brands make the coats from cotton. You need to think about your priorities – wind- and water- resistance or item made with natural fibres. The lining is also important. Producers often cut the costs here and they give you poliester lining. But the high quality lining allows the body to breathe and rayon/viscose or acetate are the best.

Classic trench coats have the neutral colors. It is the more practical and elegant. Beige, khaki, navy and black go well with other clothes. The color must suit your complexion as well. Of course you can buy a coat in every possible color but it’s no timeless at all.

Classic trench coat – how to wear?

Well… however you like! Isn’t it wonderfull? It suits you when you want to dress elegant, casual and even a bit sporty.

Where did the trench come from?

So let’s look at some history. Do you know that trench coats were invented over 150 years ago? They were introduced in XIX century as sports coats and evolved from the water-resistant rubberized “macks” from 1820s. Who was the first to invent trench is the subject of much debate – was it Burberry or Aquascutum. Nevertheless trench coats became popular thanks to the “military fashion”. That’s why they have many handy elements, waterproof fibre, double breasted buttons and so on.

Women started to wear trench coats after WWII, but they were popularized by Hollywood stars like Marlena Dietrich, Greta Garbo or Audrey Hepburn.

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