Capsule closet. Pros & cons

The capsule closet idea can make your life easier for sure. If this is something new for you and you wonder if it’s worth approaching, here you can read about the pros and cons of this idea. (yep, the capsule closet has a few flaws!)

The capsule closet idea. Pros

1/ It’s easier to get dress in the morning. Designing your own capsule clothes you usually design some outfits. Having them in your mind you can decide what to wear more easily, especially when you don’t have a lot of time to think.

2/ Your closet is more organized. You simply know what’s in there. Usually it is more spacious because of not so many clothes in it. ( How many clothes should you have there is up to you. You can decide what way of building capsule closet suits you the best. (you can read about it here).

3/ Your shopping is more conscious. When you plan your closet you may want to refresh its content – buy/exchange something. If you decide to shop, you will have the good idea of what you need and you can resist impulse shopping.

4/ You save money. If you plan outfit for a certain month or even a whole season, you know you don’t have to shop often, because you have everything you need. If you need to shop it is before the season starts, at the planning step.

5/ You know you have clothes to wear, so you save your time (and money, again) and you are free from dilemmas.

6/ It helps if you want to implement the minimalism approach. It weakens the need of regular shopping, lets you use the whole of what you have, name the things you don’t need and get rid of them.

7/ It helps you define your style and stick to it. Capsule outfits planning lets you define the fav style, be consistent and prevents you from shop whatever-there-is just because everybody has it.

8/ It’s better for the environment. As we know the fashion is one of the branches that give the most negative impact on our natural environment.

Capsule closet. What to remember?

The capsule wardrobe, as many things in our life, has not only the pros. When you decide to implement it, you have to realize that it bring some disadvantages. Knowing that helps you to decide whether it’s something for you, and on the other hand it is easier to complete the challenge being prepared.

Capsule closet. Cons

1/ You need to choose. If you are beginning the capsule wardrobe adventure having a lot (or even more), it may be hard to choose clothes for capsule. You may regret not wearing something. What you can do is starting with a week or fortnight capsules.

2/ Things wear out faster. It’s hard not to notice that when you use something often it wears out. It is hard to give a good advice here. But of course taking greater care of things helps. This disadvantage affects those of you who choose to have a litle capsules for a long time (ex. full season).

3/ You may have the feeling you wear the same things all the time. And it may be a bit true. But many people say that I have some things that they wear all the time even not using the capsule closet idea. They simply like them and feel good in them.

4/ You don’t go shopping. If shopping was a way to spend your spare time or the cure to your problems, you may miss it. But to tell you the truth it is not the best idea of spending time, and it compensates bad mood only for a moment.

5/ You don’t follow trends. If you don’t love the classics or buying the latest trends from the covers of fashion magazines is your way of compensating the lack of your own style, you may have a problem here. Nevertheless, there’s no reason to add some trendy clothes to your seasonal capsule.

6/ You wash more often. Especially when your capsule is small. There is always something in the laundry that you want to wear at the moment, which can be irritating.

7/ You need to plan. Capsule idea needs long term planning. But if you can’t plan for the whole season you can plan for a week ahead only. Then you can see how many clothes goes from one capsule to the next, which can help you to go from short term planning to the long one.

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