Does the clothing base have to be expensive?

A lot of people deciding to declutter and revamp their closets and building it anew notices that they lack the clothing base. Although the minimalism is about reducing the amount of things, in such case it is worth to shop and complete the gaps. The clothing base allows us to compose outfits and to match and mix clothes. It is a great background for statement pieces, too. But when we face the need of buying those new basic clothes we ask ourselves: does it have to be expensive shopping?

Standard clothing base

What is inside the clothing base may vary depend on who owns it, but there are some clothes that are universal for all;

  • white T-shirt (longsleeve also)
  • black T-shirt (longsleeve also)
  • white shirt
  • grey sweater
  • dark cardigan
  • blue jeans
  • black pants
  • LBD
  • classic line skirt
  • leather jacket
  • classic blazer
  • trench coat (make it beige ot navy then it goes well with everything)
  • black ballet flats or other flats
  • black heels
  • białe sneakers but not the sporty ones
  • big tote bag
  • LBB

Just reminding that the minimalistic clothing base means neutral colors like beige, navy, white, black or grey.

Does clothing base have to be expensive?

It all depends on your budget meaning the many you can easily spend on it. But I can tell you some things for sure.

Rule #1: The clothing base should be of the quality most achievable for you

So shopping clothing base you need to choose things that are the best you can buy without stress. Thanks to this, the items lasts longer when you use it a lot and the clothing base is heavily used. You can hunt the sales, because clothing base isn’t the trendy one, so you can wait for better prices. You can even buy something secondhand – especially the coats.

Rule #2: In your clothing base not everything is investment, but some things should be.

The shortest longevity – t-hirts

Let’s start saying that your clothing base consists of different range of items – from t-shirts to shoes. They all will be worn with different frequency and exposed to external factors like weather. An so the t-shirts or white shirts that are often worn live shorter. They become grey, you can stain them easily. It your budget is low and important you may let go buying the expensive ones. Still choose the good fibres.

Medium longevity: jeans, skirts and pants

We can wear the good jeans for a long years but the truth is denim is prone to getting old (and visibly worn). If you wear them in smart-casual or office outfits they have to look good. Same thing with pants or skirts made of other fibres. When they are of a poor quality they may loose its shape. That’s why you may want to pay more for the better quality here.

Long longevity: outerwear, shoes, accessories

Those are items that can last for even dozen of years. When you take care of them and choose the high quality they can be worn by generations. The shoes may be a good investment, too – those of high quality wear out slowly, are comfortable and you can repair them.

Rule #3: All the clothing base must be well cut and sewn

The clothing base doesn’t have to be expensive but it definitely have to be good tailored. Clothes will fit and flatter your body shape well. Even the most expensive piece of cloth that was made by poor tailor won’t look good on you.

Rule #4: Designer’s brand doesn’t have to mean quality

Does the high price show the high quality? Unfortunately not always or even seldom. Same with the designer’s clothes. There are many cases that for the price of coat made of poliester (it’s pure plastic, guys!) by the expensive and well known brand you can buy the woolen coat made by not known brand. The fashion for woman is often of poor quality and expensive at the same time. Still it’s not true for men. Maybe it’s not so easy to cheat them with brand tag or maybe it’s just sexist but this is the truth.

budowanie garderoby od podstaw blog o minimalizmie

So, the clothing base doesn’t have to be expensive. But you need to think it out and invest more in some items that you want to live longer.

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