16 hours look. How to change the office look into a nice evening outfit

What is a 16 hours day-to-night look? It is a way of planning clothes for one day, when we have several occasions to attend, and we do not have time to prepare ourselves for going out. How to survive the whole day in one outfit and quickly adapt it to different situations? It is quite simple. Plan an outfit that can be easily adapted to your needs during the day, saving time. It is also a method of making better use of a capsule wardrobe, without having to add more items to it.

16 hours look methods

A day-to-night look is not only a transition from an office outfit to an elegant evening outfit, but also to a casual outfit, e.g. to meet friends. Even spending time walking around the city may not be a task you want to do in full “office uniform”. See how easy it is to transform an outfit and look completely different.

Swap pants to skirt

It’s really a moment to drop your pants and jump into your skirt. If you can only come home for 5 minutes, that won’t take any longer. Skirts made of shiny fabrics, tulle skirts will work for the evening, and you can choose more bold colors or patterns.

Elegant look:

Zalando: Suit Boreli/Mango
skirts: Needle & Thread, Minimum, Max Mara Leisure, Who What Wear

Casual outfit:

Zalando Suit Boreli/Mango
skirts: mint&berry, Benetton, JCrew, Mango

Universal dress for day-to-night look

When planning a set for a long day, you can choose a dress that will work in many styles – both for the office and for an evening meeting in the city or even for a picnic on the beach. Classic, simple cut is a must-have!

At work:


After work:


Shoes – a quick swap

As you can see in the example above and below, a simple change of shoes can turn your work outfit into an elegant or completely casual outfit. You can take a change of shoes with you to work or put them in the trunk.

Do pracy na obcasach, na kawę z koleżanką – w trampkach


If you want to change your look after work, sometimes you only need to change your outerwear. As in the example below – a simple change of jacket gives the outfit a completely different character.

16-hours look accessories

The right belt, jewelry or purse can make the outfit elegant or nonchalant. Therefore, changing these accessories will allow you to quickly change the style and does not require much time or effort. For example, replacing a briefcase with a clutch bag visually relieves the set.



Elegant hair styling will emphasize a change to an evening style, while a free up or down hairstyle will match the mood of a casual evening.


If you have make-up set with you at work, you can quickly switch from neutral office make-up to evening smoky eye makeup. Office makeup is usually very delicate, so emphasizing it with a darker shade will be easy and will not require washing your face and reapplying makeup, but only refreshing it.

Do you have any tricks to quickly transform your work outfit into a set for another occasion? Share in the comments.

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